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Drumming and Other Musician Type Friends and Acquaintances

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Scott W. Spain
Long time drumming friend and all around funny guy, plus he created this site. Thanks compadre!

Clif Norrell
Highly sought after record producer, recording engineer, and music mixer.

The Minister of Groove.

John "Bermuda" Schwartz
Drummer for Weird Al, the best cover drummer ever.

Forrest Robinson
Fantastic drummer in So. Cal.

Utah's best at slamming the skins.

Erick Bieger
Excellent musician, song writer, and singer.

Rob Blaney
He tickles the ivory with intensity and finesse.

Drum and Percussion Companies

Amedia Cymbals
The most musicial cymbals I've ever heard. After 24 years I dropped the "Z" and started playing the A!

Ludwig Drums
Classic style, amazing sound.

Mapex Drums
Probably the best finish of all the major companies. Great looks, great sounds, great innovation.

On The Edge Drum Co.
Great drum restoration company run by my great friend Bobby "BDA" Rodriguez.

Vaughncraft Percussion
Single ply, steam bent drum shells...amazing.

Joshua Tree Percussion
The leader in stave shells for amazing results.

A head by any other name is not the same.

The most amazing IEM's I've heard.

Rolls Corportation
Personal Monitor Amps, see my setup here.

Best click and pedals on the market IMO.

Cool electronic percussion equipment.

Hot Rods and other speciality sticks.

Nice rack!

Pork Pie Percussion
Softest stool on the planet.

LP Percussion
Hand drums and percussion accessories.

Trick Drums and Percussion
I'm excited to be using the Demonitor beaters and quick release cymbal toppers. They also have some sweet pedals and drums.

Custom bass drum heads customized by you! Careful, you can easily spend an hour on this site!

North Safety Products
Sonic II hearing protection, a must have for all drummers.

Drumming Sites of Interest
The only place for custom drum building advice.
Another great forum.

Pearl Drum Forum
The biggest drum forum around.

Drum Tuning Bible
Massive amounts of info about tuning and other things that make a drum go BOOM!

Harmony Central
Tons of general music information.